St. Baldricks

We are honored to be asked by the Stoney’s Bar and Grill Team for St. Baldrick’s to put together videos for their honored kids. We have had a unique opportunity to get to visit with children and families as they walk through their process as they battle childhood cancer. To learn that less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget is solely dedicated to childhood cancer research and what St. Baldrick’s is doing to help fund the gap. Learn more about this event at:


Osborne Medical

Osborne Medical is currently working on several video projects with Professional Video & Photography. We are currently working on instructional videos, promotional videos as well as a corporate welcome video. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Osborne Medical and help them promote their line of products. You can learn more about the Osborne Medical Line of products at:


Google is Changing Mobile Search Ranking


How are your clients finding you? Google states, starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

So what does all this mean to you and your business? If you have a website that is not mobile friendly, you are about to be harder to find.If you have a website that is not mobile friendly, Google will soon start ranking you lower when potential clients are conducting a general search for your services.

Check here to see if you website is already mobile friendly and if you find you need help with a mobile friendly site, contact us today for an estimate.

Owens Corning Video Project

Owens Corning Video Project was a Big Success

We have reached the end of the Eurospan Promotional video project. I’d like to first thank all of the Owens Corning Staff as well as Amanda Schmitt, Owens Corning’s Senior Marketing Specialist, for the opportunity to work on this project. Everyone was great to work with and took the position of team players allowing us to put together a great finished video for them.

The Eurospan Promotional Video Project focused on producing a case study video. The construction project that their acoustical ceiling and wall product was being installed at Breckenridge’s Historic Old School House built back in 1909. The building was recently re-acquired by the city and repurposed as a community center, library and movie theater. The buildings history and architecture are rich and run deep with the local residents.

The top of day one was spent interviewing the General Contractor (Graham Johnson with Spectrum General Contractors) and the Sub Contractor installing the Eurospan Product (Matt Domingo with Innovative Interiors & Construction). The balance of that day was spent capturing video of the building in the rough along with shots of where the Eurospan product was to be or had begun being installed. Day two was spent chasing around the installers as they installed the Eurospan product. Our goal was to capture enough video of this part of the process to demonstrate to the General or Sub Contractor considering this product, an overview of how installation comes together. Day three, exit interviews with Graham and Matt as well beauty shots of all of the finished walls a ceilings that the Eurospan product had been installed on.

After all of the video production in the field had been completed we spent another 30 hours editing the footage to produced the finished 8 minute video. The video will be placed on their web site as well as used by the sales and marketing department to market and educate Contractors and Architects about the applications and installation process of Eurospan.

Here is what Amanda, Owens Corning’s Senior Marketing Specialist, had to say about her experience with us.

“Although, I wasn’t involved in the beginning planning stages of this project, your company made it very easy for me to jump right in to ensure successful completion of our video project. While we briefly discussed the storyboard and the direction of how we saw the video going, you and your team really took control of producing an amazing case study video that is fulfilling from beginning to the very end. Your suggestions for editing were spot on, which resulted in a one-of-a-kind video that captures how our products and company do business. Even with several revisions on our part, you and your team were always available to make the edits quickly without any frustration. Very easy to work with and talented staff! Thank you!”

Amanda Schmidt
Senior Marketing Specialist Owens Corning

Owens Corning Eurospan Video
Click here to video the Eurospan Promotional Video

Please contact us if you have a video project or would like to learn more about how video can help you grow your business.

Types of Video Marketing

Promotional Videos are used to showcases the products and services offered by you and your company.
Welcome Videos are a great way to introduce your company to your prospective customers.
How-To Videos do exactly what they imply, they tell prospective customers how they can use your product or service.
Product Information Videos can be helpful if you are offering a product or service that needs some explanation, such as a product that may have a new features, benefits, solutions, troubleshooting.
Testimonial Videos highlight your talents by showing clients raving about work you’ve done or the products your sell.

These are just a few great examples of how video can be used to help round out your marketing plan. If you still need to add or are looking to upgrade your video marketing, contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your video marketing goals.

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Social Media Impacts How We Market


Social media is everywhere, on nearly every device and at the fingertips of so many consumers. This makes social media one
of the most powerful tools we can use to market products and services.  In fact in August 2014, Facebook surpassed YouTube
in the number of video views via desktop according to 
It is estimated that the use of video will dominate as the social
media content format of choice for 2015.

This means corporate video marketing has to keep up with social media trends now more than ever.  Video promotion now depends heavily on your video being shared within social media sites which allows you to reach wider audiences. This years video marketing trends are showing us a couple of things:

  • The use of animated video or other kinds of videos that fit the trends, maximize potential for being shared socially.
  • Your video needs to make an emotional connection with your audience. Products and services that can make an emotional connection with the consumer are more likely to be shared.

Videos are without a doubt the easiest ways to share a moment, experience or use of a product. This means video marketing will take off this year in ways we’ve never seen before.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your business be a part of this growing marketplace.

The Power Behind Video

We live in a day in time where time itself has never been more valuable.  As consumers, we are bombarded with so many options that it can quickly become overwhelming to choose just one company to fit our needs. With so many options available how are you making your products or services stand out from your competition? How are making sure that you are the one chosen above all the others?

One of the first things you need to consider is your appearance on the internet. Having and a professional website  is only  the beginning. Your website is often the first impression of your company, what kind of impression are you making? If your website is hard to find, out of date, hard to navigate and does not engage your viewers, they will keep looking. Engage your audience by adding video to your homepage. Adding video will improve your ranking on search engines getting you more visibility and how else can you say 1.8 million words in just 60 seconds. On average 1.8 millions people view online videos on a daily basis, 90% of them are consumers…are you reaching them?

Here is a sample video for Corporate Office Images in Lakewood, CO

Need to update or  add corporate video to your marketing plan…
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