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Capture Your Markets Attention

Capture Your Markets Attention

Video has become one of the most effective and powerful tools to tell your story. This is not a new idea, broadcast television has been capitalizing on this opportunity for decades. What has changed is the availability of high end technology and increased use of internet. These changes become powerful tools that allow an organization with a modest budget to create multi media content and use it to market to their audience.

Professionally Produced Content

Professionally Produced Content

Don't be fooled, producing a professional quality video is not as simple as sitting in front of your handheld camcorder and hitting record. Your story is valuable and the overall production becomes a reflection of you and your organization. Corporate video production should include planning, the right talent, experienced production professionals and the right equipment. The finished professional production will speak for itself.

The Finishing Touches

The Finishing

A video production does not stop at the end of the scheduled shoot, in fact it has just begun. Corporate video production can involve many hours of editing, custom animations, graphics, titling, special effects and coloring. In addition, audio corrections, enhancements and even audio special effects are a part of the post production process by the videographer to put your project over the top.

A Leading Video Production and Digital Marketing Company in Lakewood, CO & Denver, CO

Professional Video & Photography is a premier video production company specializing in corporate video production services. We are proud to serve Denver, CO, Lakewood, CO, and nearby areas with superior Video Production and Internet marketing services. As an experienced digital marketing company, we can help you to take your business to the next level of success. We have a creative approach that yields a positive result for our clients. Through dedication, skill, and innovation, we are able to help you better market your product or service.

Corporate Video Production Services

At Professional VP, we provide the corporate video production services that will give your business a polished look. We will provide customized and personalized services that are tailored to match your vision for your company's brand. Let our talented staff create a high impact production that encourages increased engagement and helps you to reach a wider audience. Our professional staff has many years of experience in both marketing and branding and we can create the perfect video to position your brand in front of your target audience.

Digital Marketing Services

Our Internet marketing company provides a full suite of services to enhance your company's image and increase your visibility. Let us put our professional digital marketing services to work to increase your website visitors while authentically communicating your brand's message. Turn to us to help manage your SEO, SMO, SEM, or video marketing. Professional Video & Production is your full-service solution providing a wide range of services to enhance your business. From graphic design and website design to photography and video production, we do it all!
Only Individual
approach to each project

Professional VP is a leading Denver corporate video production company. Our commitment is to work with you to create a custom high impact production that fits your budget. Clever ideas and a creative approach can take any production budget from good to great. Our corporate video production team has years of experience in branding and marketing, let our team of videographers hand craft a video that will market your brand, product or service.

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Other Services

Our goal is to offer high quality Denver video production, photography, graphic design and web design services to the Business and Consumer market places. Our unique model offers us the ability to provide one specific service or bundle our services to offer you a rich package at the best value. Our range of services offers ease and convenience as well as consistency and continuity for your business project or special event.

Video Production

In todays market place, video can be one of the most effective ways to create visibility and branding for your company. Videos help you rank better on search engines, increase your audience's engagement and increases the amount of time they spend on your site.


Multi media production couldn't be more exciting. Animations are now created and used in full-length feature films, broadcast TV, product commercials and even corporate videos. Software has become sophisticated and the designers more talented. Graphic animations are a must have in the digital marketing toolbox and will increase the results of your online marketing campaign.


Social media and the Internet have changed the face of doing business and have put you and your company in the spot light. The need to make a great first impression has not changed. Professional photography can ensure that you put your best foot forward in the limelight of the World Wide Web.

Web Design

The World Wide Web has become part of daily life and plays a huge role in today's modern marketplace. The web is were we go for entertainment, information and to shop for products and services. In addition, the power of the web is right in the palm of most people hands through all of our mobile devices. The need to have a professional designed web site has never been more important. With ever advancing technologies and a savvy audience, a poorly designed website can cost your businesses customers.


What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is the process of effecting the visibility of a website in a search engines "organic" search results. This includes tasks like Keyword Research, Site Content Optimization and Link Building. Search engines like Google have developed very complex and sophisticated algorithms to determine what content in a site is relevant to a specific search made by the user. Building and placing a site on the web is not likely to be easily found, without the proper research and strategy.

Social Media

Social media marketing is revolutionary and is a result of new innovations with the internet and mobile web technology. Social media has taken us as individuals and connected us in a way no one could have imagined 50 years ago. The advantage is we now have the attention of tens of thousands of people that we would not have had the chance to reach as quickly and efficiently as we do today. The disadvantage is we have the attention of tens of thousands of people.

Our Imagination
becomes your marketing asset

Creative talent is a separate skill set from operating software or writing code. Creative talent is that ability to make the intangible tangible. This skill comes from an inner vision that can see something that has not yet been created, the ability to develop a vision from the most basic concept. Taking those concepts to the canvas is the mechanics and the
mechanics can be taught, creative talent is a gift.

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I've worked with Robert from Professional Video & Photography in Denver for many years now and he's always been the consummate professional. He and his videographer team put out high quality work, stay in touch regarding timelines and deliver when they say they will. As a result, Professional Video and Photography is a trusted partner of Legendary Baking and American Blue Ribbon Holdings and I consult with him on all my video needs. - Mark Van Iwaarden
Director of Marketing
Legendary Baking - a division of American Blue Ribbon Holdings
Although, I wasn't involved in the beginning planning stages of this project, your company made it very easy for me to jump right in to ensure successful completion of our video project. While we briefly discussed the storyboard and the direction of how we saw the video going, you and your team really took control of producing an amazing case study video that is fulfilling from beginning to the very end. Your suggestions for editing were spot on, which resulted in a one-of-a-kind video that captures how our products and company do business. Even with several revisions on our part, you and your team were always available to make the edits quickly without any frustration. Very easy to work with and talented staff! Thank you! - Amanda Schmidt
Senior Marketing Specialist
Owens Corning
Robert and his team at Professional Video & Photography have been a real pleasure to work with. They have been extremely professional under even the most difficult of circumstances. They are always punctual and pleasant to our clients and witnesses. Their work product is always of the highest caliber. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. When I have a video deposition to schedule, they are the first name that comes to mind. - Kurt Carpenter
Carpenter Reporting, Inc.

Latest News

A local company has asked us to help produce a video to help promote this great new product on Kickstarter. This is a complete desktop CNC machine perfect for the hobbyist, student and machinist. the Honing H312 is a desktop mill built with alloys in mind. You can find out more at

We are currently working on instructional videos, promotional videos as well as a corporate welcome video. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Osborne Medical and help them promote their line of products. You can learn more about the Osborne Medical Line of products at

Studio facilities including
Green Screen

Some corporate video productions in Denver require studio and green screen facilities.
We have West, Central and East facilities available to accommodate any studio production needs.
Facilities are professional, clean and comfortable.