Tips for Great Wedding Video

It takes more than great filming and editing to make a fantastic wedding video. Pre-planning with your wedding videographer can make every frame count. Here are a few things to consider when planning your wedding that will make life easier for both your videographer and photographer.

Lighting – Your video will look better if the lights at the ceremony and reception are not turned down too low.  Pre-arrange with your event coordinator to turn up the venue lights for traditional moments such as toasts, cake cutting, and bouquet tossing and garter removal. If you are in a dark venue with no additional lighting used, your video could result in grainy images.

Vow Exchange – Turning to face your guests during the ceremony, or facing each other (instead of the officiant), will give you the best shots with the least distraction. If neither is an option, ask your videographer to use small hidden cameras strategically placed throughout the ceremony location for multiple camera angles.

Key Moments – If you choose to light a unity candle or include a different intimate ceremony, be careful not to block the view by standing directly in front of it. Standing off to the side at an angle where the candle is between the bride and the groom will give the videographer, photographer and your guests the best shot. The same is true for the exchange of rings.

Many couples choose to cut video from their budget, but this is the most regretted decision we hear from brides. They have photos of the toast’s but don’t remember what was said, the emotion behind the vows and the funny moments that maybe didn’t go as planned. Video is a great way to share with those that couldn’t be there and is a great memory to enjoy time and time again.

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