Wedding Ceremony Seating

Having a unique seating arrangement for your wedding ceremony can help ensure everyone has a great view of the bride and groom. a Traditional seating plan can mean your guests spend most of your ceremony looking at the back of your head. Have you considered changing up the seating for your ceremony? Some couples have chosen is to seat guests around you in a circle to optimize the view.

Wedding Seating NoThe problem with the seating arrangement shown above is it is NOT ideal for your wedding photographer(s) and videographer(s). There is no room for your photographer and videographer to get the shots you are expecting them to get. And though this seating plan had an optimal view for your guests, now they may be staring at the back of your photographer or videographers head.

Wedding Seating YesSplitting your circular seating as shown above is a much better option to be sure that your photographer(s) and videographer(s) have the ability  to be in the right spot to get the shots they need. This seating plan allows the best of both worlds, better seating for your guests and the room needed for the professionals you have hired to do their job with minimal distractions to you and your guests.

Having a unique seating plan for your ceremony can be a great way to make your special day memorable, just be sure you consider any possible problems is may cause.