Wedding DIY

There are many things you can DIY for your wedding to keep costs down, but there are some things that are better left to the Pro’s.

Wedding photographers can be expensive but there is no way to “redo” your wedding day once it is over.

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Professional photographers have an eye for the correct lighting conditions, capturing the moments and being focused (in more ways than one). Hiring a professional allows you to focus on your day while they focus on you and the images and moments you want captured. They are not busy being social since they are a neutral party not a family member or friend that may miss those moment being caught up in conversations. Professionals work within a timeline so you are not waiting for your photos to be done “when they have time”.

Wedding Videographers are often overlooked as an added and optional expense. The biggest regret that we hear from brides is they wish they would have spent the money on video.

Photos capture a moment in time but a video can capture so much more. Wedding video is not what is was 10 years ago when you set up a camera at the back of the church and simply record the ceremony. As professionals, we use multiple cameras and multiple angles to capture the whole story. Our goal is to tell your love story in a manner you will cherish.

Happy Planning!


Photos of Everyone

Do you want to make sure you have photos of all your guests at your wedding? Your Photographer will do their best but lets face it, not everyone is comfortable having a big professional camera pointed at them. Putting disposable cameras are the tables at your reception are a good idea but than you are adding one more thing to your “to do: list when you get back from your honeymoon.
Why not consider adding a Polaroid wall to your reception? This allows you to see right away who was there without the headache of figuring out who still even develops the film in your disposable cameras.

The New Selfie
A great way to make sure you get a photo of everyone that attended your wedding.