Types of Video Marketing

Promotional Videos are used to showcases the products and services offered by you and your company.
Welcome Videos are a great way to introduce your company to your prospective customers.
How-To Videos do exactly what they imply, they tell prospective customers how they can use your product or service.
Product Information Videos can be helpful if you are offering a product or service that needs some explanation, such as a product that may have a new features, benefits, solutions, troubleshooting.
Testimonial Videos highlight your talents by showing clients raving about work you’ve done or the products your sell.

These are just a few great examples of how video can be used to help round out your marketing plan. If you still need to add or are looking to upgrade your video marketing, contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your video marketing goals.

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Social Media Impacts How We Market


Social media is everywhere, on nearly every device and at the fingertips of so many consumers. This makes social media one
of the most powerful tools we can use to market products and services.  In fact in August 2014, Facebook surpassed YouTube
in the number of video views via desktop according to 
It is estimated that the use of video will dominate as the social
media content format of choice for 2015.

This means corporate video marketing has to keep up with social media trends now more than ever.  Video promotion now depends heavily on your video being shared within social media sites which allows you to reach wider audiences. This years video marketing trends are showing us a couple of things:

  • The use of animated video or other kinds of videos that fit the trends, maximize potential for being shared socially.
  • Your video needs to make an emotional connection with your audience. Products and services that can make an emotional connection with the consumer are more likely to be shared.

Videos are without a doubt the easiest ways to share a moment, experience or use of a product. This means video marketing will take off this year in ways we’ve never seen before.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your business be a part of this growing marketplace.